GA Magic Club

Monthly Performance Themes


Monthly Performance Themes 2017


New Year, New Tricks:  Perform something you got for the holidays or have never performed before



Your True Love Trick: Perform your all-time favorite, go-to, can’t miss, “I love this trick” routine



Great Escapes: Channel your inner Houdini (it’s his birthday month) as you entertain with your best rope, chain, handcuff, straight jacket, etc. escape routine


Magic Mayhem: In celebration of April Fool’s Day, perform your favorite sucker trick



I Can ACAAN: Show us your favorite version, variation or reinterpretation of this classic of card magic



Mental Miracles: From predications to prophecies to paranormal, it’s all fair game as we enjoy a night of mentalism and mysteries



Paddle Puzzlers: The paddle move is one of the oldest sleights in magic (some say dating back to the 1580s), now it’s time to amaze us with your favorite paddle performance



Tricks You Can Bet On: Gambling routines, bar bets, scams and cons – if it’s a trick that involves winners and losers, it’s fair game tonight



Junk Drawer Diving: What better way to get ready for next month’s auction than to dig through your junk magic drawer and learn something that you own but never perform…then pack the rest up for auction!






Gimmicks and Gaffs: It’s no-sleight night at Ring 9.  Perform a routine that requires or is achieved by using a gimmick or gaff of some kind



Holiday Magic: You choose the holiday, we’ll enjoy the magic.  We don’t care what celebration you use, but your performance must have a “holiday” connection