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Meeting Notes

October Meeting Notes



President Dale Adamson greeted the attendees, just prior to the Annual Auction.

Ken Scott thanked all participants and attendees of the Atlanta Harvest of Magic for their help.  The next Harvest will be in 2018.

Nominations for Officers and Board Members for 2017 were made in September and no additional Nominations were made at the October meeting.  Nominations are now closed, and the Nominees are:

President: West Evans, Ken Scott

Vice President: Mike Dunagan

Secretary/Treasurer: Bill Packard

Board Members at Large: Debbie Leifer, Rolando Santos

Nominations for Magician of the Year 2016 were made in September and two additional Nominations were made at the October meeting.  Nominations are now closed, and the Nominees are:

West Evans

Debbie Leifer

Rolando Santos

Ken Scott

Joe M. Turner

Lecture Chairperson Debbie Leifer reminded the attendees of two upcoming magic lectures:  Luis Otero (October 27) and Norman Beck (November 17).

The website had been redesigned by our new webmaster David Oglesby.  David got it up quickly and will continue to fine-tune it.  Plans include a members-only section, with contact info for members and private links to YouTube videos.  Other suggestions are welcome.  Many thanks to Rick Silver, who performed webmaster duties for more than 20 years.

Equinox editor West Evans called for submissions and suggestions for the end-of-the-year publication.  Contact

This year, Ring 9 is responsible for the entertainment portions of the Holiday Banquet, to be scheduled in January.

Joel Tay, Gary Koepke, and Bill LaFay were nominated for membership.

Thanks to Amy Kam for taking notes during the brief business meeting, after which the Annual Auction commenced.  

Lacking a professional auctioneer this year, Dale Adamson MC’d for the evening, and most of the Sellers auctioned their own items.  We had 51 Buyers registered.  Paul Sponaugle and Bill Packard, with help from Tammy Packard, logged 237 transactions.  The highest bid on an item was $100 for an Anchor speaker system.  David Ginn sold the most, and Patrick Farrell and Debbie Leifer tied to the penny for biggest spenders!

Despite not having a professional auctioneer, the auction was over a bit earlier than in recent years and some of those who helped clean up (thank you!) celebrated by going to Canton Cook for a late-night meal, which was secretly paid for by the generosity of a non-member!

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