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Meeting Notes

January 2017 Meeting Notes

Georgia Magic Club
Meeting Notes
January 16, 2017

TIP lecture: Ricky Darby – “Magic Therapy.”  Rick listed three types of magic therapy: shows for groups of patients, one-on-one close-up shows in their rooms, and teaching magic tricks as physical therapy.  He was inspired by Kevin Spencer’s and David Copperfield’s Project Magic, but there are lots of rules for entertainers to work in a hospital environment.  And entertaining patients with magic is not as important as actively listening to them.  Rick carries his props in a bag, and performed sample effects such as Vanishing Silk, a rope routine with a rodeo theme, and Invisible Deck.


Since the Holiday banquet was postponed, out-going President Dale Adamson presented the President’s Award to West Evans, the MOTY 2015 plaque to Matt Baker, and the 2016 MOTY trophy to West Evans.

Dale presented to the attendees the Ring 9/Georgia Magic Club officers for 2017:  President West Evans, Vice President Mike Dunagan, and Secretary/Treasurer Bill Packard, then turned the meeting over to the incoming President.

President West Evans first order of business was to present the Past Ring President badge to Dale Adamson.

In attendance were 26 members and seven guests:

            Spencer Burdette (youth) and his father Brian

            Andy Evans

            John Rouche, a journalist working on a story

            Reid Meadows (youth)

            Seth & Ethan (from Knoxville)

Health & Welfare: Dale’s wife and Doyne Michie are both recovering from health issues.

Lecture Chairperson Debbie Leifer announced upcoming lectures by Shawn McMaster (February 2), Tom Frank (April 20), and Ken Dyne (June 1).  Doc Eason’s lecture, originally scheduled for February 27, has been cancelled.

Other upcoming magic events mentioned were the Penguin Live Expo in Marietta (January 22), KAX in Oxnard CA (January 25-28), Magifest in Columbus OH (January 26-28), Grand Opening of the Atlanta Magic Theater, starring Peter Morrison (February 14), Winter Carnival of Magic in Pigeon Forge TN (March 9-11), and the IBM/SAM Combined Convention in Louisville KY (July 12-15).

Lynn Fox invited Bill Packard to share his news:  Both gold albums by Bill’s band “Atlanta” from the mid-‘80s have just been released in digital form, now available at iTunes and other download and streaming services.

There was some discussion about the Holiday banquet and it was decided that it would be rescheduled for February 18.

Secretary/Treasurer Bill Packard reminded everyone that Ring 9/Georgia Magic Club dues are due in January.  Still only $15!  Send your check to The Georgia Magic Club, c/o Bill Packard, 127 Creekview Drive, Woodstock GA 30188, or pay via PayPal to (DO NOT send to !), or you can pay at the banquet on February 18.

Next month’s (February) TIP lecture is “From Passion to Profession” by Chris Beason, and the February theme is “Your True Love Trick.”

The Equinox annual newsletter, compiled and edited by West Evans, is available for viewing or download at the website (

Andy Evans and Spencer Burdette were nominated for membership.

West asked for members to take and post pictures of activities at the meetings.

During the break, guests Seth & Ethan, who are no longer performing magic, brought their magic items for sale.

Dale Adamson brought IBM 2016 convention pins (via Mark Hatfield) to be given away along with the CRBPs this year.  Ari Isenberg won a DVD door prize, which included a convention pin as well.

THEME PERFORMERS (“New Year, New Tricks”)

1. Jason Grech showed how he could peak at the bottom card of the pack while it was inside it’s box, by drawing and opening a Magic Door on it, which he then erased, leaving no trace of it on the box.

2. Joe M. Turner invited Ari Isenberg, Nicholas Higgins, Reid Meadows, and West Evans to each select a numbered envelope, which each described a unique physical feature of the recipient who chose it, and he even predicted the order in which the participants were standing.

3. Mike Dunagan invited West Evans to open a set of nested and sealed envelopes which Mike had previously mailed to West, and West himself opened each envelope and pulled out a folded prediction which accurately illustrated the eccentric outfit (with all accessories) that West was wearing.  This was a jaw-dropper, especially for West, and earned Mike the CRBP award for January.

4. Steve Greenfield, after a “show& tell” of his gun holster which he uses to hold magic props, performed a Book Test for Doug Couch.

5. West Evans, as well as two audience members, tossed invisible coins into a pail that Reid Meadows held over his head, arriving noisily, and dumped the now-materialized coins out of the pail.

6. Gary Vaughn had Rick Darby choose a lottery ticket and Doug Couch a playing card, and the scratched ticket matched the identity of the card.  The routine is Pyrite from Liam Montier's Luck of the Draw.

7. Matt Baker “predicted” Reid Burdette’s PIN with a “Your PIN” sign gag, but after shuffling a deck of cards and cutting them into four piles, he showed that he not only cut to a named four-of-a-kind but also to number cards that corresponded to the digits of Reid’s PIN! (original!)

8. Jeffrey Knight demonstrated the unique features of his “discombobulater,” a Pom-Pom Pole effect called “Pipe Dream” by Barry Mitchell.

9. Ari Isenberg instructed everyone to use their cellphones to go to a particular website to view a picture of Houdini holding a playing card.  Someone named a card and the value and suit of the card appeared in Houdini’s eyes on everyone’s phone! 


1. Matt Baker had Reid Burdette name a playing card and push a business card into a deck of cards.  Then he showed not only that the playing card next to the business card was Reid’s named card, but also all the other cards were duplicates of a different card! Both of Matt’s effects tonight were original.

2. Ari Isenberg, having previously instructed West Evans to go to a Wikipedia page and simply think of a word on that page, identified the word with no questions asked!


West Evans will be presenting something each month that he “learned in a book.”  His first presentation was the production of silks and jewels from a rolled-up poster, using a Neverland theme and a method he learned from Patrick Page’s Bell’s Book of Tricks.

Bill Packard