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Meeting Notes

December Meeting Notes

Georgia Magic Club
Meeting Notes
December 19, 2016

TIP lecture: “Two Weapons and Applications.”  Christophe Fouquet brought iVUE HD Camera Glasses for Joe M. Turner to wear and record the lecture, which is available if you Click Here

With the volunteer assistance of West Evans, Christophe demonstrated two utility moves:

Bottom Deal Force, by performing Chadd Long’s “Scratch Card.” The move is published in The Magic of Michael Ammar, p. 36

Scratch labels can be found here at this web link

Future Reverse (reverses card in center), by performing Jack Carpenter’s “Fate or Free Will,” from Labyrinth, p.8.  The move is published in Chris Kenner’s Totally Out of Control, p. 35.

Also using Future Reverse, Christophe produced four of a kind, one at a time.


In Dale Adamson’s absence, Vice President West Evans presided over the meeting, with 27 members and 6 guests:  James Fleming, Mark Hagan (Bill’s son), 10-year-old Spencer & father Brian Burdett, Andy Evans, and Joel Tay.

The Holiday Banquet is scheduled for Saturday, January 7, 2017, at the Fellowship Hall of Mount Vernon Presbyterian Church.  The Georgia Magic Club will be providing the magical entertainment, and the Atlanta Society of Magicians are responsible for the entrees.  Members of both clubs are asked to bring a dish (type of dish to be determined).

Lecture Chairperson Debbie Leifer announced an upcoming lecture by Shawn McMaster, scheduled for February 2.  The Whit Haydn lecture, originally scheduled for February 27, has been postponed.

The two Georgia Magic Club nominees for Magician of the Year are West Evans and Joe M. Turner.  The two Atlanta Society of Magicians nominees are Merritt Ambrose and West Evans, so the final ballot will list Merritt Ambrose, West Evans, and Joe M. Turner.

Joe Morrison started a lively discussion regarding guests’ attendance at TIP lectures.  The Board intends to clarify, possibly modify, and enforce the “unwritten” rules.

Equinox editor West Evans thanked several members for their submissions and welcomes more.


Joel Tay performed several effects.  Five spectators each took a colored rock and held it in one hand -- Joel correctly determined which hand and which color for each of them.  Then he performed a Book Test with Nicholas Higgins, with the last two words on a selected page appearing printed in ink on Nicholas’s arm!  Finally, Joel performed a multi-phase fork-bending routine.  Welcome to the Georgia Magic Club, Joel!

THEME PERFOMERS (“Spooky Effects”):

Gary Vaughn, with Ari Somka’s card selection, performed what appeared to be the Close-Up Sketchpad Card Rise, with a different method!

Lynn Fox, while holding an antique key, told Howie Slomka a spooky story and yelled out in pain, as he showed that the key had created burn marks on Lynn’s own hand.

Jeff Knight, to spooky music, performed Rope Thru Neck, a Wrist Tie, and placed a large die in the top of a tall box and caused it to visibly penetrate the blades that were dividing the box into sections.

West Evans, with a patter about taxes, changed several $100 bills into $1 bills.

Joe M. Turner performed Named Card to Pocket, with guest Spencer Burdette’s choice of card.

Merritt Ambrose color-changed West Evans’s signed card and caused the rest of the deck to go blank, winning the Coveted Royal Blue Pin for December.


Young guest Spencer Burdette performed a counting/dealing trick to find the Aces.

Darryl Berman showed that a spectator correctly determined the price he paid for his coat, as indicated by the price tag still on it, then performed “Further Than That,” a multi-phase routine using a deck of cards and Ari Slomka’s selected number, then produced a selected card from inside a set of nested Santas.

West Evans performed Al Baker’s “Albaka” in which he wrote a prediction on a black card of a red card that Joe M. Turner was asked to freely think of, and after Joe named his card, West spread the cards to show a prediction on one black card, with the name of Joe’s card written on it. 

Bill Packard