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Meeting Notes

November Meeting Notes

Georgia Magic Club
Meeting Notes
November 21, 2016

I did not attend the November meeting, and no one took extensive notes, so I asked the performers to provide their own descriptions.


“TBA” by Joe M. Turner -- Theatre, Branding, and Administration to improve your magic and business in 2017.  I also taught another TBA - a "Trick By Aldo" - which was an easy packet trick called "Count Down."


20 members and 3 guests:

            Andy Evans

            Irv Adelman (nominated for membership)

            Bill LaFay (performed for membership)


Bill LaFay

THEME PERFORMERS (“Coin Conundrum”)

Rick Darby:  I randomly chose four volunteers to tell me how many imaginary coins they each had. The value of the imaginary coins was added up and it matched a previous written prediction that each had in their possession from the beginning.

Jeffrey Knight:  I performed a comedy misers dream routine with Lynn Fox and Ari as volunteers.

Andy Evans (guest)

Howie Marmer:  Opened with the old coin slider box...there was no coin loaded inside so it was a real conundrum as Howie tried to make a coin appear with no success… proceeded with a coin that would not disappear into a handkerchief… Howie kept stealing the coin from the handkerchief and the coin continued to reappear until finally turning into a jumbo coin, then another jumbo coin followed by a third.

Steve Goldstein:  I performed Rob Thompson's Samoya copper/silver routine where two coins (one copper, one silver) magically jump from hand to hand and change places.

Joe M. Turner:  I was a late addition to the theme performers. I performed a one-coin flurry that included some overt manipulation, a couple of slow motion vanishes, and a muscle pass.

The winner of the CRBP was Jeffrey Knight.


West Evans:  I performed a funny $5 to $50 bill transformation where I assured the audience that there was absolutely no gimmick whatsoever while showing each side of the bill in a manner obviously hiding a gimmick.

Christophe Fouquet:  I performed "Odd Triumph" from Genii Nov 2016. It is an interesting variation on the Triumph plot. It is good for walk around as it does not require a table.

Joe M. Turner:  I used a borrowed, shuffled deck for an impossible card location. Despite a thoroughly fair shuffle, cut, and distribution of the cards into a freely chosen number of piles, when I told West Evans to stop dealing his pile, he was holding his selected card.

Howie Slomka:  Howie Slomka performed a card trick in which a card was selected and randomly replaced in the deck.  Howie then showed each of the 4 queens and placed them on the table.  The remainder of the deck was held by the spectator.  A review of each queen left three face up and one face down on the table.   Upon divulging the identity of the selected card, Howie revealed that the final queen was now the selected jack of diamonds.

Bill Packard