GA Magic Club

Meeting Notes


Thanks to Ken Scott for taking notes!

TIP lecture: Chris Beason – Marketing Magic


Guests: Mike Noonan, Henry Lin, Chris Hanowell, Chris Beason

Upcoming lectures: Tom Frank April 20th, Ken Dyne June 1st.

Martin Baratz is now TIP lecture coordinator.

Henry Lin was nominated for membership.


Performing for Membership:  Andy Evans with several coin sleights, a ring trick, and something with a borrowed bill.

Theme Performers (“Your True Love Trick”):

Martin Baratz performed a vanishing deck.

Mike Ellis did a matrix routine with cards and newspapers.

West Evans did a tightrope walking flea performance.

Matt Baker did a 3 coin monte with a marked coin.

Kevin McDaid did a swindle routine using cards.

Howie Slomka did toilet paper balls over head (unbeknownst to Bill LaFay)

Ari Isenberg did a crazy 4 aces assembly. He called it his “thousand-timer.”

Chris Hanowell did a rubber band trick and a card routine.

Merritt Ambrose did a trick with a message in a bottle that was a prediction of a chosen card.*

Howie Marmer made fabric loops trade places with a spectator’s.

*Merritt Ambrose won the Coveted Royal Blue Pin for February.

President’s Spot (I Learned It In a Book): West Evans borrowed a folded up dollar bill from Doug Couch and read the serial numbers off of it with the eye on the back of his head.  From the Bill Severn Book “Magic In Your Pockets.”

Bill Packard