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Magicians for Hire

Accomplished Magicians who are members of ring 9 who you can hire to preform for a wide range of events.

Magicians for Hire

Atlanta Ring 9, of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, has a number of accomplished magicians who you can hire to preform for a wide range of events. Below you can find listed a number of them.


C. Magic (Clarence H. Pearsall III)

C. Magic loves to entertain audiences of all ages, and is always applying new and innovative  magic, and illusions in his shows, to keep everyone amazed and engaged. He interfuses comedy, drama, action, and audience participation into his magical performances which leaves you wanting more.Should you be in need of C. Magic's entertaining services for your social or special event, please read more at his website.


Matt Baker

Matt Baker has won multiple awards for his magic, including the Atlanta Society of Magicians' “Top Dog” trophy and the 2015 Greater Atlanta Magician of the Year award.  Don’t expect rabbits and hats: Matt’s specialty is sleight-of-hand card magic, but he also performs astonishing feats of mind reading and has been known to make impossible things happen with coins, rubber bands, and finger rings.  Matt performs strolling magic at cocktail parties and also does formal close-up and stage shows at banquets, fundraisers, schools, and private events.


Dan Garrett

Add a Touch of Magic to your Event! With Dan Garrett. Entertainer, speaker, mentalist, humorist, author, wizard, international award-winning magician, psychic entertainer, publisher and all-around cool guy.


Clark Kjorlaug

Clark is a close-up magician from Atlanta, GA and has been performing magic since he was 12 years old. For over a decade, he have been entertaining and astounding guests and audiences with his unique style of magic and comedy.


Debbie Leifer

Voted Atlanta Magician of the Year, Debbie WOWS audiences with charm and humor as she amazes and inspires people to believe in the impossible... and themselves!
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Jim Magus

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Joe M. Turner

Joe M. Turner is a professional speaker, mentalist, and magician based in Atlanta, Georgia. A brand engagement and audience impact specialist, he creates customized corporate magic presentations and keynotes for promotional, motivational, and entertainment events in the United States and around the world.


Paul Sponaugle


Kevin McDaid

Kevin McDaid has loved performing magic since age 10. It has allowed him the opportunity to meet some wonderful people and to share his passion for an art form rarely appreciated on such a personal level. That’s probably why his specialty has always been sleight of hand magic performed close up. After receiving his degree in Speech Communication, he chose to combine his skills as a magician and his experience as a marketing professional to promote private and corporate events. Read more on his site.


Mike Dunagan

Make your next private party, celebration, corporate function or charity affair an event your guests will talk about forever. Mind reading, predictions, psychological influence – Mike Dunagan creates the perfect mix for mind blowing entertainment and unforgettable events.